I’m not quite sure how I evolved into a car afficionado*, but I know that when I see a metal machine I like, I have to be close to it or better yet, drive it.  And, much like a drug, the more time I spend covering any kind of auto in my professional life, the more I want to do it.

Cars have become an itch I have to scratch.

It seems that my dear friend’s daughter has been bitten by the same automotive bug at a much earlier age than I, and I am thrilled by it. This soon-to-be-9-year-old (she turns 9 tomorrow) wrote a short poem about cars.


By Nina Jana Smith, Age 8 (going on 9)

Cars race through the moonlight!

With a stop, its tires squeal like a pig

Zip! It speeds through the air

When you start your car it grunts.

It’s a beautiful car, glimmering yellow.

Its keeper steers the wheel to the right.

Wham! On his left a car crashed. 

It had white stripes, a read coating and green dots.

It smashed into the curb, while the yellow car crossed the FINISH line. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, I believe we have a future auto enthusiast–and perhaps even auto journalist on our hands. And I bet she’ll be quick on a track.

Image 6

Thanks to her awesome mom for sharing Nina’s work with me.


*FULL DISCLOSURE: I didn’t start up with a car thing–it sort of evolved over time–starting in college with my first ride in a friend’s BMW 325–that spark has luckily begun to dovetail itself into spending more and more time consuming, thinking about, shooting, editing and driving around in awesome machines for my professional work–which I honestly cannot complain about. If you are interested in what I do–check out some of my work at CNNMoney. I produce, edit and shoot with our Senior Autos Writer, Peter Valdes-Dapena)

Abigail Bassett

Abigail Bassett is the Executive Editor at CNTRL MEDIA, LLC. She is also a freelance content creator and curator whose work has appeared in publications like Forbes, Fortune, Automobile, Motor Trend, Money Magazine and on CNN. Her passion is telling unique stories using a variety of media and taking the visitor places that they have never been–whether it’s into the cockpit of a rare supercar, inside an exclusive home or hotel, or behind the scenes of a fashionable event. She is also a Yoga Alliance Registered 200-hour yoga teacher. She teaches at a number of public, private, and corporate venues, around Los Angeles, CA.

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