Maserati Sports a Brand New Zegna Suit

Back in the fall of 2013, the Italian car manufacturer Maserati unveiled a new version of its popular Quattroporte, this time with a brand new suit. It’s the first of many steps in a three-year partnership hammered out between Maserati and luxury clothing designer Ermenegildo Zegna.

Zegna and Maserati worked together to create a special car to mark the automaker’s centennial birthday. While it’s mostly an effects package, the car has some very high-end bespoke touches, including a special paint color called “Platinum Silk,” (with finely ground aluminum particles added to give it a special sheen), specially made interior materials (right out of Zegna’s famed wool mill in Trivero, Italy) and silk chevrons woven into the seats. According to the release, the greatest challenge that the famed menswear maker faced was getting the material’s hand right, while maintaining the durability and look of a quality men’s clothing line.

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The partnership announced in the spring of 2013 likely stands to benefit the luxury men’s clothing maker more than Maserati as it will get the brand and design style in front of Maserati’s well-heeled buyers.

There will be only 100 cars made, and prices start around $175,000–more than $34k above the automakers high end GTS version. The vehicle will be available in the states in the early fall of 2014, according to the press release.

For that price, the car also comes with “a generous assortment of 19 pieces, including leather items, personal accessories, and a 3.5 meter bolt of Zegna’s 100% silk chevron weave fabric used in the interior of the Limited Edition.” That’s right–it includes a bolt of fabric used in the car. Perhaps you can have your tailor create a suit jacket lined in the bolt of fabric to match?

For that price, it looks like Papa’s gonna get a brand new suit.

Check out the car here and the interior additions by Zegna here.

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