Your Very Own Emerald Isle For Just $216,000


That’s right—you can own your very own Irish island for less than the mortgage on a house in Nowhereville, Iowa. And it’s no barren crag a billion miles to sea, either.

No, this is an emerald green, 94-acre haven just off the northwest coast of Ireland, a mere three miles from the County Donegal mainland, reports the Daily Mail.

While there are no buildings standing on the island (there are the ruins of some much older dwellings), and it requires a trip by boat or helicopter when weather permits to reach the island, this could be the perfect semi-remote getaway for the privacy-seeking individual, couple, or family.

Inishdooney Island. Image via Vladi Private Islands.

With a natural freshwater pond, the island is able to support at least part-time residency, and a network of tunnel caves opening onto picturesque pebble beaches offers endless opportunity for exploration and relaxation.

You can find the property listed at Vladi Private Islands, although you may want to hurry—it appears to already be under contract. No surprise there—deals like this never last long.

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