Watch the Northern Lights in a Floating Snowflake Hotel

If you’ve always wanted to check out the Northern Lights but just can’t get over the whole cold/dark thing, you might be the perfect candidate for a brand new development by a Norwegian company that plans to build a floating snowflake-shaped hotel  just off the coast of Tromso, Norway.

Dutch Docklands, a “global leader in floating real estate,” has built homes in Holland and The Netherlands, and have just started construction on sites for hotels and golf courses in the Maldives and Dubai.

Architect Koen Olthuis is the man behind the build. He did an interesting Tedx Talk in March of 2012 discussing how, in his opinion, cities should be designed like slide puzzles or apps on your smartphone instead of static space. He also discussed how the on-water construction works –a combination of foam and concrete foundations are laid on the site and structures are built on top–the same type of construction that will be used for the Krystall hotel.

To keep the hotel from floating away (or making guests seasick), the mass will be tethered to the seabed and the land. Construction will cost “around the same” as building on land–though the foundation cost will be roughly 15 percent more.

The hotel will be a five-star property and have only 85 rooms. It will only be accessible by boat or submarine (Docklands has an association with a Dutch submarine builder as well) and it will feature a glass roof, so you can watch the Northern Lights from your hotel suite.

According to their site, they’ll break ground on the project by mid-2015 and be open for business in 2017, so get your parka and caviar ready.

For more on the development check out Dutch Docklands.

From Dutch Docklands
From Dutch Docklands



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