The Golden Barrier has been Broken: $100m Apartment Sells in NYC


You read that right.

The golden barrier has finally been broken–someone paid $100.5m for the penthouse apartment at One57.

Russian oligarchs, and (as CurbedNational calls them) oil-backed princes--rejoice….

The 10,923 square foot apartment at the to-be-built location, closed last month breaking the previous record of $88m in NYC. That translates to right around $9,000 per square foot, versus the nearly $13,000 per square foot that the fertilizer king’s daughter paid for her penthouse at 15 Central Park West a few years ago, according to The Real Deal.

Check out the renderings below for more on the insanely priced apartment.

Side note: Does it strike anyone else as really creepy that many of the renderings show seemingly miserable people? Since when does being unhappy and separate equate to luxurious and aspirational. Something about the portrayal of those relationships doesn’t scream, “ideal,”to me…. #justsayin’

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