Italian Castles for Sale

A luxury real estate broker in Italy has a bevy of classical Italian castles for sale–and one of them could be yours.

Lionard, has over 70 Italian castles up for sale, ranging in price from €2.5 million to more than €10 million, in locations across Italy.

It seems that the uber-wealthy who  left these beautiful, albeit expensive property gifts, to their family have fallen on hard times, as there appears to be a real glut of these Italian beauties on the market.  It’s not terribly surprising considering the way the economy has gone–particularly in the PIIG countries and the effect Italy’s huge debt has had.

Take this place in Florence. It dates back to the 10th century and comes complete with a farm house, cellar and oil mill. It is priced at €5 million.



Or this one in Tuscany. Complete with “enclosed courtyards, watch towers, battlements or defensive architecture,” it can be yours for a mere €10 million.


For more check out some of the gorgeous buildings over at

HT to a Facebook share and MessyNessy for the lead.

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