$1.5 million for a Wyoming Town

While $1.5 million might buy you a 1,200 square foot apartment in Manhattan, it could buy you all of Aladdin, Wyoming.

Aladdin is a 30-acre hamlet, located in Crook County in the northeast corner of the state. It has a General Store, a bar, and a trailer park. The General Store has been in business since the 1800s when it served a peak of 200 local coal miners as they went off to work. Now the town has dwindled to just 15 people–all from 5 families, one of whom is putting it up for sale.

The Brengles have been the owners for the last 30 years. According to the Gillette News Record, Rick Brengle bought the town to help his wife Judy, with her empty nest syndrome. The family has worked at the General Store for years and Aladdin is one of the last coal mining towns in the area since the neighboring towns became deserted in the early 1900s when coal trains to the area slowed to one per day.

For the $1.5m price tag you get the General Store, the bar, the family home, and the trailer park–minus the trailers of course. Not included in the price is the Hotel and Cafe that are owned by Judy’s sister and available for an additional $586,000.

For more about Aladdin, check out the Wyoming Tourism Page


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