The World’s Most Expensive Home is in Hong Kong

In early August, real estate developer Sun Hung Hai Properties based in Hong Kong listed the most expensive home (per square foot) on the market, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The home is just 4,400 square feet and sits in a tony neighborhood called The Peak. It’s currently priced at $105.7 million (which translates to around $23,000 per square foot)–with an extra bonus. If a buyer purchases within the first 5 months of the listing they save 3%.

The home has 4 bedrooms, a private pool and jacuzzi, a garden, and a two car garage. According to The Journal –the most expensive home sold in Hong Kong to date was sold in 2011, before the government tried to curb the booming market by implementing higher “stamp rates” on luxury properties. The property was a 5,989 sq ft home on “The Peak” and it sold for HK $800m or HK $133,578 per sq ft ($103 million and around $18k per sq ft).

And, it makes this NY Penthouse look downright affordable. Or maybe something like this in Alaska.


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