A $12,000 Exercise Bike

We all know that Italians are known for their ability to design beautiful objects–from suits to cars, and furniture to homes. But did you know that they play in the exercise equipment space too?

This is the Ciclotte. A carbon fiber “mono wheel prototype” whose look harkens back to the days of unicycles in the 1800s, according to their site.

While some of you may think it looks a lot like something from this episode of South Park, you best reassess. The Ciclotte has made appearances at exclusive events like the Monaco Gran Prix and in the 2012 movie, Prometheus.

Oh. And it’s in the Milan Design Museum’s private collection (so get your minds out of the gutter)

They also offer more “water friendly” version called the Marine. It’s made of materials that won’t rust if you decide to keep it on the deck of your yacht.

And it’s all yours for just $12,000.

Check out more about it here.



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