A $19m French Mansion on the Coast of Rhode Island

The wind lashes the windows as the sea crashes below. You look mournfully from your terrace at the grey and angry ocean and think of the Brontë sisters and their mournful heath. There’s always been something dramatic about the ocean.

Especially when you are standing on one of the priciest pieces of land in Newport, Rhode Island.

This 9-acre piece of peninsula jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean has been for sale since early January. It has 8 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, 2 elevators, a pool room, a wet bar, and (if that wasn’t enough) views of the ocean from nearly every room. Oh and for those stormy days, it has its very own generator, too.

The home, named Seafair, was built in 1936 as a home for a Denver mining heir who eventually became VP of Chase Manhattan Bank and the Ambassador to Morocco in the 1980s. The home was converted into condos but has since been restored back to its original single-family home status.

And if $19 million and nearly 16,000 sq. ft. isn’t enough–there’s an additional residence available for another $3 million.

For more on Seafair, check out the original listing here.

H/T to Curbed for the lead on this one.

From Lila Delman Real Estate
From Lila Delman Real Estate


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