Because Being Greeted by Sharks in a Florida Condo is Cool…

I’ll be honest, Florida and I do not get along. I am a native Floridian but the older I get, the less love I have for the place. Case in point….

The developer of the Echo Brickell in (just ugh) Miami is planning to install a 12,000 gallon shark tank in the giant marble entry way to the apartment complex. Because–you know–that’s cool–to pen up a whole bunch of sharks for viewing pleasure as you wait to board your private elevator with your latest…paramour…. Sure.

While it wont be the largest private aquarium, (there’s a 20,000 gallon one in Wisconsin) According to a story in the Palm Beach Post, the building is more than 85% sold and that it will be finished sometime in mid 2017. That is if the overheated real estate market doesn’t collapse again…

Regardless, the units that do remain unsold are currently running a pretty penny–asking upwards of $18 million.

Sharks not yet included….

For more check out Echo Brickell’s website, here.

From Echo Brickell.
From Echo Brickell.

HT to The Real Deal Miami for the lead.


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