Sous Vide at Home for a Price

For most home cooks, cooking anything sous vide (in water) is sort of the ultimate nightmare. Time consuming, really complicated and a giant pain in the ass–even if it renders unbelievable meals.

That’s where Mellow comes in. This modern day crockpot has been gaining buzz over the last year and a half–from a successful launch that saw its first round of devices sold out, to today where you can see pieces  on it on everything from The Next Web to CNET.

It’s no wonder that the Kickstarter project received $64000 in orders in just three days, and that the $500 (plus) device is once again sold out. Sadly there’s really no word on when it will be back.

The genius behind Mellow is that it is essentially an internet connected crock pot with the ability to both cool and heat food. So say you want to have steak for dinner. You can put the steak into the water bath before you leave for work –uncooked and raw with whatever spices you’d like. Then set the timer via the app–the water can be cooled to 35 degrees Farenheit, until you’re ready to start cooking. And if you are late? Just push back the time you’d like the food to be done. It’s looks beautiful and is completely functional provided you have Internet and a smart phone.

It’s truly a genius product and I really cannot wait to get my hands on one and try it out.

For more on Mellow check out their site (and sign up for notifications when it will be available again).

Courtesy FNV Labs.
Courtesy FNV Labs.


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