Golden Donuts! Get’chur Golden Donuts, Here!

Brooklyn, NY. The home of the “hipster” movement, the Brooklyn Bridge and now, golden donuts.

That’s right, for a mere $100 you too can (as Luxury Listings NYC points out) have your Willy Wonka moment. A place in Williamsburg (the heart of hated-hipsterdom), called Manila Social Club is selling the donuts like…well…hotcakes. Meet the Golden Cristal Ube Donut.

According to a piece over at Forbes, the owner,Björn Delacruz, hand crafts each donut starting early in the morning by making a pâte à choux–the same kind of dough that cream puffs are made from. The key ingredient, however, is the purple ube flour, a flour made from purple sweet potatoes, that he uses to give the donuts a punch of lavender color. Once the donuts are fried up, he pipes the donuts full of cream studded  with Cristal (yes, THAT Cristal) Jelly that he makes in house. According to the interview over at Forbes, he didnt’ pick Cristal because it was the MOST expensive–he says he could have picked Jay-Z’s other baby, Ace of Spades, if he wanted to really jack the price. (He says he did it for the taste–btw.)

Delacruz then dusts the donut with 24k gold, and lays gold leaf on top (at $80 a book, it’s actually not the most expensive part of the whole thing).

To be honest–all hating aside, the reviews for Manila Social Club on Yelp look stellar–and Delacruz’s use of the colorful ube flour in other things outside of golden donuts is really quite beautiful to look at. Who knows–a trip to the land of hipsters may be on our list the next time we swing through NYC.

Want your own golden donut? You’ll have to shell out $1000 for a dozen, or $100 for one–and get your orders in early people. There’s an order form on the site–so fill one out.

This isn’t some come in and pick up a piece of pizza kind of joint…

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Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 12.29.24 PM.png
Image via Manila Social Club on Instagram

Featured image via Forbes.

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