The World’s Most Expensive RV

Have you ever wanted to drive across the sands of the Sahara in a gold plated RV? No?

Well here’s your chance.

The most expensive RV in the world was sold last week, for an eye-popping $3 million. It comes complete with a two-floor layout that can be converted from a “living space” to an “entertainment space” with the push of a button, according to the site.

And if you and your closest pals have partied too hard? Well there’s a “master bedroom with its own integrated bathroom for a pleasant recovery.” It also includes a fireplace, a separate control unit so you can monitor and change the lighting and the temperature of the EleMMent Palazzo, and underfloor heating.

This isn’t the only outlandish luxury vehicle to come out of Marchi, the company behind the EleMMent. They have concepts for the MMPro and even a “Mobile Flagship Store,”–a designer semi-truck and a giant store on wheels, respectively.

For more on Marchi and the EleMMEnt Palazzzo, click here.

HT to MotorAuthority for the lead on this one.

From Marchi.
From Marchi.



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