The kGoal: Gaming Your Ladybits

Ok. Let’s get this out of the way.

Everyone has kegel muscles.



You too, men.

And, like any muscle, you should try to regularly exercise your kegels for any variety of medical and pleasurable reasons–from solving incontinence to simply turning up the pleasure during sex.   (Just check out WebMD if you don’t believe me)

Kegel exercise devices have been around for some time-(check out this gallery from The Frisky and freak out or giggle at some of the best gallery descriptions ever…I’m still laughing about Maracas) -and many look like some form of medieval torture device and can be bought on Amazon.

All that being said, a San Francisco company named Minna recently met their Kickstarter goal for a new device directed at women that purports to be a “FitBit for your Ladybits” according a cheeky headline

on Fast Co. Exist.

Meet the cleverly named,  kGoal.

Essentially, the soft pillow part records how well a woman squeezes her kegel muscles and sends the data wirelessly to an app installed on a phone. When you do the exercises correctly, you get a pleasing buzz that you can turn up if you,  uh, so desire, and you can record your progress as you go. According to Minna’s site, the product is geared towards teaching women the right way to perform the tricky exercises and getting their brains to actively engage with muscles that are typically controlled unconsciously.

The kGoal wont begin shipping until December, according to their site, and the pre-order cost will run you $135. If you happen to miss out on the pre-order, you can get yours for $175.

The best part?

Minna is working on creating games that you can play with your kGoal.

Now, that would likely put Super Mario Brothers to shame…

For more on the kGoal and Minna’s other sexual health products check out their site, here.

Courtesy Minna
Courtesy Minna



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