Gold Earbuds for your Ear…Buds

Jewelry. Baubles. Precious gems. Gold. Silver. Platinum.

Every single one of us bedecks ourselves with various pieces of adornment as a way to stand out. Whether it’s a coveted Cartier “Love” bracelet or a simple silver chain, we carry our talismans of luck and love with us wherever we go.

One company however, has taken that to the next level–one that both adorns your body and your headphones. Meet Happy Plugs.

Happy Plugs is a Swedish company that, according to their website, started up in 2011 with the ambition to turn earphone accessories into a fashion statement. They carry a variety of lightning cables, iPhone and iPad cases and…even…you guessed it, Earbuds.

What makes these particularly special? Well. They are 18k gold. Seriously….

And they include the classic microphone and connector to go right along with your 18k gold iPhone case. (Yes, those exist too.)

For a cost of course…. of $14,500.

Oh and P.S….that’s more than this exercise bicycle.

For more check out Happy Plugs site, here.

<a href=”http://“>HT to Fancy for surfacing this one.


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